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Featured poet - Ashley McNiel

I know Ashley by @efflorescing_ on Instagram. I've followed her for a while now, and my infatuation with her has yet to wane. She's bright, confident, and raw. In a life full of scrolling, her poetry makes me stop--every time. It's so nice to read poetry that comes from a real place and not some fucking inspirational poster.

Ashley's been kind enough to answer a few short questions:

ME: Where are you from?

Ashley: Austin, Texas

Who do you think is the most overrated poet/writer?

Oh, Atticus, Rupi, the entire lot of them. Hah

Top 3 best bands/singers that inspire you to write:

Pearl Jam and Blue October are always my constants. I rotate a good mix of everything else. From alt/indie to metal to classical.

What's your favorite horror movie?

I have to pick one?! Strangeland



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